10 Free Sites You Can Use for Free Blog Promotion

Free Sites You Can Use for Free Blog Promotion

Believe it or not, it is certainly challenging to drive traffic to a blog for a newbie and/or an old-school blogger. But, driving traffic to a new/existing blog is a must-do task. Thus, you cannot end up as an experienced content writer; you need to be a content marketer too using free blog posting.

The reason why you need to know about free platforms where you can promote your write-ups for free and engage clicks.

10-Platform for Free Blog Promotion/Marketing

Today, in this blog piece we are about to mention 10 websites where you can post your articles/blogs for free. Not only do these websites help you to get traffic but also avoid your posts to go spammy. Let us dig deep in, 

Instagram-for-free-blogInstagram: I know, you are well aware of the platform. Now, you can use it to promote your blog. You can easily post a link to your blog on Instagram. You can also insert your blog’s link in the bio section.


LinkedIn: One of the greatest platforms to share your blog/articles. You can post it totally for free. You can just share the link of your blog post or article, or just create a blog post on LinkedIn and publish it for free. With more than five hundred million members, LinkedIn can source the traffic to your blog that you are looking for eagerly. 

Twitter-for-free-blogTwitter: We can say, Twitter is another great platform for content marketing without any cost. You can just post a link from your blog site via your account. You can share the same post within a week. Just change the tweet wording to avoid spammer level. That’s all my dear. 

Pinterest-for-free-blogPinterest: Another amazing platform to get noticed for your work. It is one of the biggest platforms to earn easier, heavier, and faster traffic. Just implement Pinterest SEO practice while preparing your blog/article and see the change in the traffic bar. 

Medium-for-free-blogMedium: Yes, you heard it so right. with more than 100M visitors per month, Medium can give a boost to the blogging site that you are looking for. just find your niche, prepare content according to a pre-set standard of Medium and let traffic flow to your site. 

Pocket-for-free-blogPocket: Add a Pocket button to your blog and welcome the change. Pocket is a social bookmarking site it helps readers to save the blog, video, or story they like. When a reader reads your blog and saves it via a pocket button, it ensures a great source of continuing traffic for your blog. 

Triberr-for-free-blogTriberr: It is one of the free platforms to amplify traffic for your blog posts. Just join the group of your interest in Triberr, share your blog/article, and let open the window to earn shares, traffic, and free exposure. 

Facebook-for-free-blogFacebook Groups: Like Facebook, Facebook Groups also help in driving traffic. You can reach your potential users via Facebook Groups. Be part of 1.4 billion Facebook Group users, create your fan base, and get blog traffic easily. 

YouTube-for-free-blogYouTube: We cannot ignore the power of YouTube these days. Whether you have a blog post or are about to create one; just repurpose your content in a video format and share it on YouTube. It certainly works in driving traffic for free. 

IGTV-for-free-blogIGTV: Unlike Instagram, IGTV is a platform to post longer videos. You can repurpose your content/blog post/article in a video form and post here for more traffic. 

In Conclusion,

We, Digital Kasturi always find a way to help our readers with essential information. We hope, today we could help you regarding how to promote blogs for free and earn traffic. 

Please do share your precious comments below and help us share more that you want. 


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