The Retirement Of The Google Analytics – Rise Of The Cookies Less World

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The Retirement Of The Google Analytics – Rise Of The Cookies Less World

Are you ready for the new world that would start on July 1st, 2023?

It’s the Google Analytics 4 world which is actually a cookie less world making new braving changes to the digital marketing.

As last updated on march 16th 2022, Google Analytics retires will retire and the Google analytics 4 will be the nest generation measurement tool for every task on the Google.

Now if you are confused with this fact, let me explain it in a detail. To under stand the cookies less world, you need to know the usage of cookies in these days.

The Importance Of The Cookies

It has been few decades when the cookies are used as the tool of tracking internet users this had been developed to get a more personalized service to the user. It can help the users to get quick access, form a personalized experience and also saves a lot of time and effort.

From the respect of digital marketing, cookies are also quite significant too. The information collected are used for research purposes and helped to deliver the most specific results.

So, the absence of cookies will firstly impact the campaigns and the audience visibility for a particular website.

What Is Waiting For Us In The New World?

But, don’t be disheartened, as we will be getting a new world of Google Analytics 4. You have to get prepared for that and start your preparation right from this moment.

  • Get ready by storing all data that you have been collecting until now. This would help you to explore the data when the new analytics would be launched.
  • It’s quite simple to upgrade to the new one. No need to go through various loops or hoops for that.
  • It’s the agility what you have been looking for is given through this new upgradation. The user experience would be delivered at its best with it.
  • A better performing Google ads is expected with the GA4. Surely, it would be providing a better experience.


At last, it is being strongly recommended by the Google to switch to the Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible. This would help you to get acquainted with the new environment even when you have the older version available. That would be easier for new people to use it and experience the new world.

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