Keyword Cannibalization – What Is It? How To Find It! Let’s Find Out!

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Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword Cannibalization – What Is It? How To Find It! Let’s Find Out!

Have you published more than one blog or article with the same search query and intent on your site? Do you believe, it works to make your site rank high? Then I am afraid to say that you have unknowingly hampered your site’s health. Yes, it caused keyword cannibalization and it is highly harmful to your site’s SEO.

What Keyword Cannibalization is?

Keyword cannibalization happens for a site when a site has different pieces of blog posts or articles with similar keywords or the same search query, and both the posts race against each other to rank on the top of SERPs. It obviously hurts the site’s performance organically.  Google shows up to 2 results with similar keywords from the same site/domain; it hardly shows 3 in results if the domain authority of the site is strong. But it is not at all good for site’s organic performance.

Why Cannibalization is Considered Bad?

If your site has keyword cannibalization then your site is competing with itself to secure rank on Google and it is certainly not good for the site’s SEO health. Keyword cannibalization sometimes ranks a page that is less worthy than the page that should rank higher but gets a lower rank due to keyword cannibalization. Cannibalization makes it hard for Google to decide which post to rank on SERPs with similar keywords and indirectly your site eats its ranking on SERPs and hurts SEO too.

How to Recognize/Find Keyword Cannibalization?

After knowing the fact that keyword cannibalization harms a site’s ranking or SEO, you must be wondering how to find whether your site is suffering from the same or not. Right? Any responsible blogger or site owner does the same. Don’t worry, we are here for your help.

  • Choose the keyword you doubt you might have used more than once to create content for your site.
  • Go to Google and type “ keyword” (keyword you found repetitive at your site)

When you will Google with the full term “site; keyword ”, you get the answers to whether your site is suffering from keyword cannibalism/cannibalization or not.

Last but Not Least,

Evaluating your site for keyword cannibalization is easy.  A simple stepladder can answer your questions along with the formula mentioned above.

Feel free to make us know If you want more on keyword cannibalization. SK Web World would love to share with you more.

Thanks for reading!

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